Powder filling machines

Flour, milk powder, food, additives, and other common powders in daily life need powder filling machines to produce. Powdered products manufacturers have increasingly high requirements for manufacturing safety and packaging quality. Compared to liquid filling, powder products are very easy to generate dust and difficult to measure. Over the years, we have been developing and improving traditional powder filling equipment in response to the market demand for powder packaging and feedback from many customers, and through years of efforts, we have well met the various requirements of customers for powder packaging.

The powder is easy to leak out in the filling process, which leads to the consumption of raw materials of the product and will adhere to the outer wall of the filling container, resulting in unstable, inaccurate, and unattractive labeling; in addition, the dust content in the production environment is prone to cause safety accidents and is detrimental to the health of workers, but our powder filling machine can solve such problems.


  • The whole powder filling machine is made of stainless steel, which meets the requirements of GMP/food hygiene and other related certifications.
  • Powder filling machine stainless steel anti-drip filling port, no-drip phenomenon, sturdy and durable.
  • Humanized control panel of the powder filling machine, is easy to operate, can store multiple parameters of the recipe, can realize packaging specification changes with one key switch.
  • Powder filling machine equipment has accurate positioning, large torque, long service life, and the rotational speed can be set.
  • Powder filling machine can be infinitely adjustable at any time, and the working state can be changed at will, which is convenient and quick.
  • Powder filling machine stirring maintenance-free reducer motor: low noise, long service life, maintenance-free for life.
  • Powder not filling machine adopts fully sealed air damping glass stainless steel combination material box, the movement of the material is obvious at a glance, the dust does not leak out.
  • The feeding method of powder filling machine equipment is spiral feeding, and the spiral attachment can be replaced, which can adapt to a variety of materials such as powder superfine to large particles.
  • powder filling machine equipment work stable, anti-interference, high weighing accuracy, weighing feedback specific gravity tracking, to overcome the shortcomings of the material-specific gravity changes caused by changes in packaging weight.

Milk Powder Filling

Washing Powder

Protein Powder

Toner Powder

Components of automatic Powder filling machine

Besides the option of selling simple semi-automatic powder filling machines, we can customize complete automatic powder filling production lines according to the actual needs of the enterprise with the following equipment and devices.

  • Bottle sorting machine: The role of bottle sorting machine is to sort out the messy piles of beverage bottles and make them arranged in order and direction on the conveyor belt for high-speed and efficient transfer to other machines for the next process (such as filling, labeling, boxing, etc.) to improve the production efficiency of the whole production line.
  • Bottle washing machine: The bottle washing machine is composed of stainless steel water pump, high pressure nozzle, electrical box and so on. Suitable for glass bottles, plastic bottles, etc. brush type cleaning and water flushing cleaning alone or with the use of special equipment for cleaning. The use of high-pressure backwash spray washing, so that the debris of the bottle wall can be disengaged in time to fall into the water tank.
  • Disinfection blowing machine: the product is suitable for various tin cans, milk powder cans, plastic cans, paper cans and other round specifications of empty cans blowing, disinfection, cleaning. Reliable quality, simple operation, is the ideal equipment for food, beverage, pharmaceutical, chemical industry, etc.. It can be used alone or in combination with other filling lines. The parts in contact with the tank are made of 304 stainless steel, which meets the requirements of food and drug hygiene.
  • Material hoist: suitable for single horizontal, horizontal + vertical + horizontal or in a straight line can be arbitrary bend combination form conveying lump, granular, powder and other loose material hoist, especially suitable for the need for single multi-point feeding, multi-point discharge conveying material hoist. Other common names: turn bucket elevator, induced bucket elevator, Z-type elevator, Z-type loader, Z-type bucket elevator, C-type elevator, C-type loader, C-type bucket elevator, S-type elevator, chain bucket elevator, hopper type elevator.
  • Electronic Combination Scales: Electronic combination scales are available in 8 head scales, 10 head scales, 12 head scales, 14 head scales, 16 head scales, 24 head scales and even more, where each head is a separate scale, all of which can be weighed independently. The material is vibrated down from the upper lower hopper through the main vibrating pan, and the material reaches the line vibrating pan at each head. When the first layer hopper (called storage hopper) is empty, the material is vibrated from the line vibration plate to the storage hopper according to the set vibration time. When the weighing hopper below the storage hopper is empty after the material is released, the storage hopper is opened and the material is released to the weighing hopper, which starts to weigh. Assuming that our target weight is 250g, we take 5 buckets in combination (that is, we take five of them and add them up as a result). There are 10 heads in total, and there are 252 ways to take 5 buckets out of 10 heads. As we want to take 5 buckets, so in setting the vibration time of the line vibration plate to 50g as the target weight of each bucket, so that the vibration down the material will be in the vicinity of 50g, because the material has a size and how much, not very uniform, so the weight of each bucket will be how much, but will be in the vicinity of 50g, there will be both heavy buckets, there will be light buckets, even if there is a large deviation in the weight of the bucket does not matter, because there are 252 kinds of taking, the probability of 5 buckets adding up to 250g is very high (of course, there will be a plus or minus 0.1-2g error).
  • Nitrogen filling device: Applicable to all kinds of bottles and cans of food filling nitrogen, liquid, semi-fluid, solid granular, powder, paste food, fresh fruit, vegetables, rice, flowers, chemicals, precious herbs and other items for vacuum filling or vacuum nitrogen filling, to achieve the effect of anti-moth, anti-corrosion, moisture, mold, oxidation, etc., so as to extend its shelf life.
  • Working platform: This product is made of all stainless steel, with strong, generous and durable appearance. Humanized guardrails, stairs and non-slip panels provide a safe and practical working platform. It is mainly used for load-bearing combination scales, supporting packaging machines and related equipment.
  • Packet Pitching Machine: Realize the automatic pitching of desiccant, deoxidizer, seasoning packets and other products in the filling production line, reduce labor cost and realize the automatic production of enterprises.
  • Can Sealing Machine: When the cans flow into the can sealing machine from the upper filling channel, the automatic lid dropper (lid manager) carries out the lidding. The six forks continue to rotate the next station, the first roll knife starts to pre-roll the edge, the second roll edge to press the edge and finish the output.
  • Vacuum capping machine: The vacuum capping machine is generally referred to as the equipment used for vacuum capping of glass bottles with tinplate screw-on caps. Glass bottle mouth is with spiral, cap material is usually tinplate, with and corresponding to the number of threads of the bottle mouth equal to the buckle, according to the different bottle mouth diameter standard provisions for three, four, six buckle cap, respectively, supporting the corresponding number of screw mouth glass bottles. As for why this glass bottle tinplate screw-on lid packaging before the use of vacuum capping machine, because the requirements of the packaging container to maintain the vacuum must be rigid enough container, otherwise it will deflate, and the lid has to have enough sealant and can be firmly and the bottle buckle or spin to make the vacuum in the bottle can be maintained for a long time, to meet these two prerequisites in addition to some special rare forms, in the rigid can packaging The range is also commonly used in this kind of.
  • Labeling machine: the type of labeling machine is divided into linear labeling machine and rotary labeling machine. The main categories are: automatic vertical round bottle labeling machine, automatic horizontal round bottle labeling machine, automatic corner labeling machine, automatic wine labeling machine, flat labeling machine, automatic flat line labeling head, up and down self-adhesive labeling machine, double-sided pneumatic labeling machine, single-sided labeling machine, semi-automatic flat labeling machine, semi-automatic round bottle labeling machine, etc.
  • Sleeve labeling machine: The working process of high-speed sleeve labeling machine is: when the electric eye of bottle pushing finds a bottle coming and thinks it is necessary for continuous production, the bottle feeding screw starts to operate to push the bottle (the function of the bottle feeding screw is to divide the bottles coming from unequal distance with equal initial speed), the bottle enters the core unit of the sleeve labeling system, when the electric eye of sleeve labeling senses a bottle coming, it immediately transmits the information to the control center PLC, and through the PLC, it orders the labeling machine in sequence and continuously. Through the PLC, four instructions are issued in succession: label feeding, positioning, label cutting, label shooting, and when the label shooting is finished, the labeling process of a bottle is completed, and then enter the label finishing and shrinkage unit.
  • Jet code machine: Jet code machine is the use of charged ink particles, by the principle of high-voltage electric field deflection, in a variety of objects on the surface of the print pattern text and digital, is a set of electromechanical integration of high-tech products. Products are widely used in food industry, cosmetics industry, pharmaceutical industry, automobile and other parts processing industry, wire and cable industry, aluminum and plastic tube industry, tobacco and wine industry and other fields. It can be used to print production date, batch number, bar code and trademark pattern, anti-counterfeit mark and Chinese characters, which is a powerful equipment to implement health law and promote packaging modernization.
  • As most of the filling equipment in actual use need to be customized according to the needs of enterprises, please contact our sales staff for specific powder filling machine quotation

Optional Equipments for Powder Filling Line

Bottle capping machine

UV disinfection machine

Bottle Labeling Machine

Can Sealing Machine

How to maintain powder filling machines

  1. Due to the relatively high temperatures in summer, it is conducive to bacterial reproduction. When using filling equipment, Please pay attention to avoid disinfection.
  2. Please cleane and disinfecte all pipes of your powder filling machine at least once a week, flush it with water once a day and disinfecte it before each use.
  3. Cleaning and disinfection of the oil valve and oil tank. The mechanical part of the filling equipment can not be in local contact with the material to prevent cross-impact.
  4. You can’t scrape the stainless steel shell of the outer layer filling machine with hard objects, otherwise rust will appear later. Once the surface is stained, you can use alcohol and then use oil to scrub it . Do not disassemble the cylinder of the filling machine or add lubricant by yourself . Remember to check the seal of the filling machine, if it is worn out, please replace it.
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