K-cup Filling Machine Manufacturers

John sylvan is the creator of k-cups and the Keurig machines that prepare the coffee in offices. Once he said, “It’s like a cigarette for coffee, a single-serve delivery mechanism for an addictive substance. “Now, K-cups became one of the essential items for manufacturing business in the world. Consequently, We brought you this article on k-cup filling machine manufacturers in the world.

However, coffee capsule filling machines, coffee pod filling machines, K cup filling machines, coffee bag packaging machines, coffee box packaging devices, coffee filling, and sealing machines are among the six types of coffee packaging equipment now available.

More filling machine manufacturers are entering the market due to manufacturers’ continual innovation and competitive spirit.

Popular K-cup Filling machine manufacturers

With so many k cup filling machine manufacturers on the market, how can you choose the best alternative, low-cost k cup filling machines?

To assist you in finding the appropriate filling machine, we have developed a list of the top 10 k cup filling machine manufacturers.


k cup filling machine

Matrix is the primary producer of coffee pod packaging machines in North America, founded in 1988. This company has a global client base and can package coffee and tea items in a variety of circumstances.

This company is a key distributor of FLtècnics, INVpack, and Toyo Jidoki and is known for providing high-quality flexible packaging technology. Matrix is known for its high-quality, low-cost, and simple-to-use coffee pod packing devices, as well as its excellent customer service.

Customers do not have to worry about trouble using the coffee or tea machine wherever you install it. In this case, Matrix equipment has a long history of vertical forming, filling, and sealing applications. You can effectively use the equipment with the aid of customer manuals and instructions.

Their main businesses are K cup machine Seal cup, Coffee packaging machine, Packaging machine price, cup filling machine, Coffee capsules filling machine.

I.M.A. Coffee Packaging

The I.M.A. Group’s core business is packaging, including machinery for soft and hard coffee pods. It has become the unchallenged leader in this industry because of the relentless strength of its mechanical skills and technological skills.

I.M.A. also manufactures and develops complete green coffee processing equipment and production lines, and secondary packaging machinery and has a long history.

The primary market is personal care, including coffee, medications, dairy products, food, and drinks. Its strapping, packing and palletizing equipment features a choice of speeds and roasters to satisfy all capacity requirements, as well as high-quality grinders to fulfil client demands.

I.M.A.  created Petroncini and had a long history in the coffee business and a thorough grasp of all elements of the company, and decades of expertise.

Their focus businesses are Nespresso capsule filling and sealing machine, Seal cup, K cup machine, Packaging machine price, Coffee packaging machine, cup filling machine, Coffee capsules filling machine.


A.P.M. Engineering strives to be the finest in technical help and after-sales services in addition to producing machines. This company has kept its popularity not only in Turkey but also in the whole world.

This company’s primary product is Linear type k cup filling machines, rotary type filling machines, conveyor type filling machines, shrink packing machines, Automatic collection robots, Cleanroom equipment, etc. Besides, they also manufacture various filling machines too.

A.P.M has a long history in the packaging manufacturing industry. Consequently, they have been taking a dominant nature on the k cup filling and sealing machine market. In the past few years, they became one of the most dominated manufacturing industries in the world.

Their focus businesses are: filling machines, shrink packing machines, cup filling machine, Coffee capsules filling machine


PTI Packaging headquarter is in Hawthorne, New York, a Westchester County hamlet near New York City. It is a professional group of engineers and scientists committed to serving the food and coffee packaging sectors with services.

PTI is an American high-performance packaging machinery agency and one of the world’s top pod packaging machine manufacturers.

The company also offers a device for checking the integrity of the k cup filling seal and the container seal. This approach eliminates subjectivity from the test and employs an ASTM-compliant test procedure.

Their focus businesses are Packaging machines, Seal cups, Coffee packaging machines, K cup machines, cup filling machines, Coffee capsules filling machines.


As a pod packaging machine manufacturer, Actionpac has over 40 years of expertise. In particular, the weighing and filling equipment from Actionpac is exact and simple to operate, and you can customize it to the specific needs of the coffee pod packing process.

They use a completely automated high-speed system and Bagger machinery and equipment, and the machine is long-lasting. They provide vertical filling and sealing equipment for tea packaging and weight and fill kits for coffee pod packaging. Can package entire beans and ground coffee and single-serve packaging (including k-cup coffee machines) and stick packaging for instant coffee and tea machines, among other things.

Actionpac has a well-equipped manufacturing line as well as supporting equipment. The system is simple to use, high-quality, and low-maintenance, lowering the cost of consumers’ goods. For the coffee and tea sector, Actionpac offers a variety of “extra” accessories. Customers may acquire various funnels, sealing machines, elevators, and other items according to their requirements.

Their focus businesses are Seal cup, Coffee packaging machine, Cup filling machine, Packaging machine price, K cup filling machine, Coffee capsules filling machine.

Viking Masek

In 2000, the Viking Masek packaging technology firm established itself to provide packaging solutions for Leonhard. Consequently, It has now evolved into a market leader in innovative food and k cup filling machine technology.

They create simple use k cups filling devices, such as low-cost, high-speed continuous motion machines and multi-lane stick packaging machines. You may link bagging machines, filling machines, feeding and discharging equipment, and other automated packaging equipment to their bagging devices.

In addition to pharmaceuticals and nutritional supplements, Viking Masek also offers a variety of packaging options. Viking Masek’s packaging solutions may be used practically as one of the leading k- cup filling machine manufacturers. Viking Masek provides a machine that will fulfill your demands, whether your product is powder, meat, beverage, or industrial supplies.

Their main businesses are K cup machine, Seal cup, K cup filling machine, Coffee packaging machine, Packaging machine price, cup filling machine, Coffee capsules filling machine.


Honorpack is a Korean packaging manufacturer with 28 years of expertise in the k cup filling machine manufacturers sector. People recognize them for their high-performance, dependable, and adaptable packaging equipment. In this case, you may utilize Honorpac’s automated coffee pod packaging equipment in both food and non-food industries.

The Honorpack device, which can fill and seal powder, liquid, granules, and other goods and is suited for various bags, has a consistent quality and can supply and pack powder, liquid, granules, and other goods. It is a federal project contractor.

Seal cup, K cup machine, K cup filling machine, Coffee packaging machine, Cup filling machine, Packaging machine price, Coffee capsules filling machine are some of their primary businesses.

Paxiom Group

Paxiom Group is a significant pod packaging and k cup filling machine manufacturer that supplies industry-leading coffee pod packaging machines. They designed the WeighPack system to fulfill all of their production demands and coffee packaging machine solutions. Over the last 25 years, the Paxiom team has offered over 5,000 pod packaging machine solutions to clients all over the globe. Simultaneously, they try to build long-term cooperative relationships with a more significant number of consumers.

WeighPack has always stood out by customizing its filling machines, bagging machines, and conveyors as pod packaging machine manufacturers. In this case, Their service mission is to prioritize customer service to guarantee that it addressed the packaging automation demands.

Their focused businesses are K cup machine, Seal cup, Packaging machine price, cup filling machine, K cup filling machine, Coffee packaging machine, Coffee capsules filling machine.


The Romiter Group is also a renowned designer and producer of coffee pod packaging machines. The coffee pod packaging machine from Romiter is exceptionally efficient, dependable, simple to maintain, and suitable for long-term usage. They can supply consumers with the delicate coffee packaging machine at a fair price by using reliable component brand names.

However, with its considerate service, professional attitude, and expertise, Special Group has earned respect. Since its inception, it has also earned customers’ confidence as one of the k cup filling machine manufacturers.

The popular businesses they provide are Packaging machine, K cup machine, Coffee packaging machine, Cup filling machine, Coffee capsules filling machine, Paint roller frame making machine “spoke and nipple machine,” Seal cup

AFPAK machinery

AFPAK is one of China’s top pod packaging and filling machine manufacturers, with a concept of consistent quality and fair pricing. Since 2009, AFPAK has assisted over 300 clients in establishing a successful coffee pod packaging company.

AFPAK is a company that specializes in manufacturing machinery for packaging coffee and other powders into capsules, sachets, and cans. AFPAK keeps up with the newest technology and incorporates it into all of its products. Customers love it because of its excellent performance, durability, and user-friendliness.

Packaging machine price, Seal, Coffee packaging, K cup filling, cup filling, Coffee capsules filling are the core businesses of AFPAK.


Finding the best k cup filling machine manufacturers is always your first aim, regardless of the manufacturers you pick. Choosing the proper k cup filling machine manufacturer might help your company grow and stand out in a crowded industry. We hope that the above list will assist you in locating items that are appropriate for your business.

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