20 Best Stand Up Pouch Manufacturers in 2022

Stand-up pouch is often popular for packing and storing baby food, energy drinks, cocktails, and various other goods. They have airtight seals that prevent contamination from entering the particles unless you tear them.

Stand-up pouch wholesale business profets well by 2022. We’ll look at a few of the most significant stand-up pouch manufacturers in the United States below.

Paper Mart

stand-up pouches

Paper Mart is one of the most well-known stand up pouch manufacturer. At paper mart, you may get metallic and glass rice paper, as well as a high barrier, zipper, gusseted, and transparent front stand-up pouch for food. They are available in a variety of sizes.

The Cary Company

This distributor is also a well-known stand-up pouch manufacturer. Moisture-resistant self-standing pouches with a rip notch, re-sealable, optional product-reveal window, and custom printing

You may package food, seeds, chemicals, and medical devices in these pouches. Services include stand-up pouch design, labeling, logistics, product procurement, warehousing, and old tote disposal. The majority of the goods are in stock.

The stand-up pouch company also provides design, labeling, logistics, product procurement, warehousing, and old tote disposal.

Flexible Packaging & Pouches Products:

  • Stand Up Pouches
  • Easy Lock PE Pouch
  • Preformed Bags
  • Preformed Pouches
  • Metalized Poly Mailers


Glenroy has been a renowned provider of high-quality bespoke Flexible Packaging for over 50 years. They serve clients from small manufacturers to Fortune 500 corporations in various sectors, specializing in flexible packaging laminations and revolutionary stand-up pouches.

Recyclable pouches and film laminations are part of the flexible packaging range. They are eligible for the recycle store drop-off label program, PCR pouches and film laminations with up to 53 percent recycled content, and the environmentally friendly prepared STANDCAP Pouch in a PCR format with up to 48 percent recycled material.

Box & Wrap

stand-up pouches

Similar to other stand-up pouch companies, box, and Wrap Unique Wholesale Packaging also widely distribute stand-up zipper pouches. These pouches come in a variety of sizes using food-safe clear polypropylene. Candies, dried fruits, and nuts work well in the box and wrap stand-up pouches.

Other packaging materials distributed by the firm include gift bags and boxes, restaurant containers, trays, films, wrappings, mailers, ribbons, floral supplies, and accessories, all of which come in various patterns and colors.


A plastic Bag dot com specializes in custom-made stand-up pouch with spouts. The dimensions of these stand-up pouches are 4  x 8.5 x 1 inch. You may use them in food and beverage applications.

This firm also creates promotional things on a personalized basis. Aprons, caps, covers, cutters, dispensers, envelopes, fillers, anti-static, shrink & polyolefin films, gloves, labels, liners, mailers, paper tissues, pouches, ribbons, sealers, tapes, ties, timers, transformers, and other items are among the goods available.


Impak Corporation is an absorbent and packaging company. IMPAK has been assisting companies with their packaging requirements for almost 20 years. They do, however, provide creative packaging solutions as well as custom stand-up pouch manufacturing skills.

However, flexible packaging, such as boilable/microwaveable bags, child-resistant pouches, coffee bags, and so on, are among their offerings. Also offered are code printers, filling equipment, and pick-and-pack systems. Consecutively, computer and electrical equipment, medicinal supplies, shipping cargo, sailing boats, records, long-term food preservation, and other applications are possible.


stand-up pouches

Finally, Our best pick Qingdao Huahongxing Plastic Co., Ltd., was founded in 2006 and is BRC, BSCI, and ISO certified. Hibags is also a large-scale professional plastic bag and film company with over 300 trained employees and efficient management that ensures excellent quality and good services.

Hibags is committed to offering low-cost, high-quality packaging solutions for the food and non-food sectors.

This company strives to give our clients the highest-quality and most pleased stand-up wholesale pouch service. They use food-grade material in the standing pouches, and they also make paper bags, foil pouches, and other food-safe material pouch bags.

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stand-up pouches

PBFY is also a flexible packaging maker and distributor that offers a broad range of services. Stand up pouch, gusseted side bags, sealers, flat pouches, vacuum packing, bag clips, and other items are available. Services include custom packaging pouch, hot stamping, labeling, digital printing, and tin tie application.

This food packaging manufacturer offers high-quality foil, paper, and plastic Packaging for all your requirements, from stand-up pouches to side-gusseted bags. Food, coffee, and tea, as well as health and beauty, are among the industries they’ve worked with. Valve and tin-tie application, bespoke label printing and design, and hot-stamp printing are all custom options.

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  • digital printed stand up pouches
  • plastik ziplock standing pouch
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stand-up pouches

Since 1962, Autobag stand-up pouch manufacturer has been a pioneer in designing and manufacturing flexible bag packaging systems. They are the creators of the Autobag bagging machine and pre-opened bags.

Packaging is an essential part of your product’s overall shelf appeal and life cycle. So, they have an extensive range of poly film kinds and unique features that will increase the quality of your bag packing, protect your goods during delivery, and make your package stand out. Stock bags, bespoke bags, and pouch printing, among other things, are among their offerings

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Associated Bag

This company also sells stand-up pouches and zipper bags with metalized zippers. They also offer bottom gussets and polyester and linear low-density polyethylene construction.

Associated Bag is a company that sells packing, shipping, and office supplies. Adhesives, amber, anti-rust, anti-static, aprons, autoclaves, bags, bandages, barriers, and other items are among their many offerings. Associated Bag, on the other hand, provides customized design.

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sav-on bags

stand-up pouches

Gusseted bags, stand-up pouch, tin & paper canisters, flat bottom bags, eco-friendly packaging, box pouches, flat pouches, bakery bags, and more products are available from this company. Furthermore, they provide a wide range of packaging options to meet your packaging requirements.

On the other hand, this manufacturer provides various services, including custom printing and labeling, valve application, tin tie application, and label application.

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MJS Packaging

MJS is a flexible packaging solutions supplier for the food and beverage sectors, including stand-up pouches. Tubes, bottles, closures, droppers, containers, jars, pails, and tubs are examples of packaging items.

However, health & beauty, home & garden, medicine & vitamin, auto & industrial, cannabis/CBD & food & beverage, and other applications are among them. MJS Packaging’s packaging services assist you in streamlining the process of getting your product through the idea stage and into the hands of customers.

Universal Plastic

This firm also makes stand-up pouch for the food sector, including microwavable and vented bags. The pockets are available in thicknesses ranging from 1.4 to 2.5 mm.

However, bottom gussets, white write-on strips, zipper type seals, convenient die-cut handles, and zipper closures are all included in various varieties.

Last of all, bulk orders, on the other hand, may save you up to 50%. Garbage bags, reclosable bags, equipment bags, Plastic shopping bags, vacuum pouches/bags, non-woven bags, stand-up pouches, and paper bags are among the many kinds of bags.

Pack Fresh USA

stand-up pouches

This firm is a well-known maker of stand-up film and foil pouches. White, transparent, silver metalized, Kraft, and white foil pouches are among the options. S, M, L, and XL are the only sizes offered.

Hang-holes, zip locks, and rip notches are all included in these stand-up bags. It protects against moisture, oxygen, light, vapor, and piercing in this circumstance.

You may use these pouches to preserve and store food. The firm does, however, provide bespoke sizes.

Royal Bag

Royal Bags is also one of the most prestigious stand-up pouch manufacturers and importers. Virgin polyethylene clear reclosable & re-sealable bags, white block bags, hang hole, open-end, slider, pre-opened on rolls & rubbish bags

The Royal Bag staff is excited to provide you with the poly bags you need. Their pricing is reasonable, and their personnel is kind, courteous, and eager to help.

Copious Bags

stand-up pouches

COPIOUS BAGS was born out of a desire to maximize the advantages of merging their clients’ distinctive goods with attentive stand-up bag solutions. They adopt a cutting-edge approach to flexible packaging. Consequently, customers and companies all over the globe benefit from the various features that their goods provide, such as convenience, reusability, and usefulness.

Copious Bags is a proud manufacturer of attractive stand-up pouches produced from the best quality and environmentally friendly materials. Copious Bags, on the other hand, provides a large selection of stand-up pouches. You have complete control over the design and size of your product.


Roastar Fast and Easy Top-Shelf Bags sell stand-up pouches, gusseted bags, Flat-Bottom Pouches, flat pouches, printed roll stock, bag tape, and more. From picking your bag specs through proofing to final order delivery, every bespoke bag they produce at Roastar goes through a specific set of procedures.

Their stand-up pouches is a go-to, practical option for packing coffee, tea, and numerous food items due to their versatility. Customer assistance makes customizing your pouches a breeze.

Cp flexible packaging

stand-up pouches

C-P Flexible Packaging is also a fully integrated, full-service flexible packaging converter that helps brands and copackers get their products to market on schedule.

You’ll witness brighter, more vivid pictures, more fantastic highlights and gradients, excellent ink density, and photo-quality graphics with their HD extended gamut flexographic printing. They have the technology and know-how to create eye-catching packaging that will help you surpass your competition.

CP flexible packaging has more in-house skills than any flexible packaging converter and can bring any flexible packaging design to reality. They also perform everything in-house, from plate production through flexographic printing, laminating, slitting, pouching, and coating.


Plastic Packaging Technologies (PPT) is also one of the leading flexible packaging solutions and services providers with added value. They can help you build the ideal packaging solution for your requirements by providing better quality, speed-to-market, and technical experience.

This pouch manufacturer allows you to personalize your design.

Aaron Thomas Company

Aaron Thomas Company is a snack food, nutritional supplement, and organic food packaging services maker and contract packager. Los Angeles, Chicago, and Memphis are among the cities where they provide service.

Their high-speed automated packaging services help you get your items to market faster and in better condition.

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